Kitchens & Carpenters

We fiting all types of kitchen furniture and connect kitchen appliances, both electrical and hydraulic.

Kitchen premium class

Below we present a standard, dedicated premium kitchen, located as a combination of the living room and the dining area. Marble intertwined with panels and wood on the walls creates a very warm homely atmosphere.

Kitchen mid-class type 1

A mid-class HOWDENS kitchen, with an imitation marble countertop. Wall and floor tiles cost approximately £80 per m². One of the ideas for an inexpensive kitchen, e.g. in an apartment for rent.

Kitchen mid-class type 2

A mid-class kitchen designed by our company (Builders Support Services Ltd). It is about 15% cheaper than Howdens for apartments for rent. Substitutes gradients were selected to imitate expensive finishing materials, so optically it looks like an expensive product, which makes a great impression on tenants..

Special furniture

We also make unconventional furniture, such as the wardrobe visible in one of the photos below, with a hidden entrance to the bathroom - our furniture carpenters built this structure on the construction site Kenyon St, SW6 6LB, Fulham, London