Hi quality standard

Our selected decorators have 15 to 25 years of experience in restoration and decoration work in London. We recreate the original structures of wooden elements such as windows, frames, doors, skirtings, panels, etc. We prepare walls and ceilings to perfectly flat surfaces. Depending on your vision, we paint using any technique (roller, spray, brush). We perform effect painting and apply Venetian plaster.

Hi quality standard - perfection

Perfect execution of a detail takes time. Here, sometimes one wall requires 5 days of work. We do not measure the number of paint jobs here, because after each painting we have to eliminate any detected defects until it is perfect. The photo shows the walls at SHOW ROOM APARTAMENT -  55 Nine Elms SW11 7DS, Battersea, London. The presented wall behind Luckier, together with the corner, was prepared for painting. It was painted with Paint & Paper Library Mocking Bird 695 (Matt Emulsion) in one day, which required 4 coats to obtain the desired effect.

Show Room Apartment
(55 Nine Elms SW11 7DS)
Battersea, London

Hi quality standard 

For decoration purposes, ecological paints were selected, which do not have good covering parameters. Dark wall and ceiling elements required 4 coats, wooden elements required 6 coats. However, we managed to achieve the expected effect.



The photo above shows a detail of the wallpaper combined from two panels as a continuation of the pattern in the Nine Elms SW11 7DS, Battersea, London we made.

Painting with a brush

Depending on your needs, we paint using any technique. If you want the connection of the wall and ceiling (the so-called section) to look really natural, we will not use tape, because we have extensive experience in this.

Venetian plaster

Sanding the wax layers of the Venetian plaster we placed on 240 m2 of the walls apartament SW15 3SX, Putney, London


HOLLAND ROAD, W14 8HL, Kensington, London 

We define the Medium Quality Standard as nice misleading eaye, but not perfectly executed renovation. Here we use cheaper types of paints, the preparation time (walls, ceilings, wooden elements) for painting is shorter because we do not achieve a perfect reconstruction and we do not create perfectly flat wall surfaces. We also look for many imitations of expensive materials, such as fake marble in the kitchen. Most often, this type of finishing is ordered for apartments for rent.